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  • Current Fuel Surcharge: 25.5%

  • At SHIFT Freight, we focus on what we do best—moving cross country freight while remaining true to our mission of industry-leading reliability, world class customer service at an affordable price.
    To put it simply, when we say we’re going to do something for you we will work our tails off to get it done.
    Here’s what we offer and when we think you should use each service.


    SHIFT West to East
    • This is how we got our start.
    • A premium LTL service that is cost-effective and reliable.
    What It Is and What to Expect
    • Covering over 32 states with <.5% claims ratio.
    • 1-6 pallet position moves or up to 10k lbs. in total weight.
    SHIFT East to West
    • Our largest area of growth. More coverage, same great SHIFT service.
    • With an ever-growing points list, continue to watch the green spread!
    What It Is and What to Expect
    • 1-6 pallet position moves or up to 10K lbs. in total weight.
    • Business to business LTL service with 4-7 transit days.
    ShiftLogo Black-Green
    API Technology
    • With API technology, SHIFT offers digital POD’s on their online portal when tracking shipments.
    What to Expect
    • This reduces administrative tasks and manual check-in calls customers may encounter when confirming receipt of a delivery.
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